trū™ Shrimp Strikes Agreement with Blue Tiger Shrimp Aquaculture

trū™ Shrimp announced today that it has executed an agreement with Blue Tiger Shrimp Aquaculture as an international business development partner. Blue Tiger Shrimp Aquaculture has offices in Florida and Germany, and is focused on building trū Shrimp production facilities in Australia, the Republic of Cameroon, Germany, Morocco, Oman, Romania, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and China. Advanced construction commitments are in place at the Republic of Cameroon and UAE.

“This is the next step to bring our shrimp technology to the world,” said trū Shrimp General Manager Michael Ziebell. “Blue Tiger Shrimp Aquaculture will seek out partners that want to build our trū Shrimp Harbors. The technology we licensed from The Texas A&M University System has been validated and with additional patent work, revolutionary processes and procedures trū Shrimp has fundamentally moved the basic foundation of the Tidal Basin™ technology forward beyond what anyone thought possible. We have exceeded expected growth rates, survivability and production output. No one has moved shrimp production this far forward and the team at Blue Tiger Shrimp Aquaculture will bring the technology to large segments of the international marketplace.”

In December 2014 and later in April 2015 The Texas A&M University System licensed its patent for Tidal Basin™ shrimp production for the United States and selected countries internationally to trū Shrimp Division of Ralco. The research team at the trū Shrimp Pilot Production and Innovation Center have two commercialized Tidal Basins™ that provide a clear proof of concept and by scaling up the Texas A&M technology by over 1,100%. It provides the science backed technology Blue Tiger Shrimp Aquaculture can take to the international market.

“trū Shrimp is the answer to our prayers,” said Blue Tiger Shrimp Aquaculture CEO Rudy Ahrens. “We have been working in shrimp aquaculture for many years and have explored other shrimp technologies, consultants and engineering; however, we have never seen the groundbreaking technology and processes that trū Shrimp provides. The safe, natural shrimp production that they have proven at the Pilot Production and Innovation Center is worthy of our efforts. trū Shrimp production technology combined with Ralco’s nutrition technology is the perfect marriage and offers a complete package for international investors.

While Blue Tiger Shrimp Aquaculture is seeking out partners to build harbors internationally, trū Shrimp is focused on U.S. partnerships. Ziebell said announcements of trū Shrimp Harbor construction will be forthcoming on both fronts.

“Blue Tiger Shrimp Aquaculture extends our reach across the world and provides us with the ability to focus on domestic and international markets simultaneously. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Blue Tiger Shrimp Aquaculture,” Ziebell said.

trū Shrimp is a division of Ralco, a third-generation family owned multinational company with distribution in more than 20 countries. Ralco is a leading global supplier of livestock nutrition, animal health products and crop enhancement technologies that support large segments of the livestock, poultry, aquaculture and crop production industries.

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