trū™ Shrimp Opens State-of-the-art Shrimp Research Center

trū™ Shrimp announced today that its state-of-the-art shrimp research center is fully operational. The facility includes 144 clear-water primary research tanks, 36 Biofloc primary research tanks,16 nursery tanks,  as well as Animal Health & Water Quality and Shrimp Feed laboratories. The research center, which is pushing the boundaries of shrimp production, contains two commercial scale Tidal Basin™ lines. The trū Shrimp Research Center is also featured on the company website

The center has been ramping up for several weeks and is supported by a staff of eight technicians. The bio-secure facility currently houses 390,000 shrimp and is capable of supporting more than 1,000,000 shrimp at capacity. A primary focus of the research center is scaling up Texas A&M University’s patented Tidal Basin™ technology, formerly referred to as super-intensive raceway systems. The research phase of the Tidal Basin™ technology is the final step before construction of the first multi-million lb/year shrimp production facility.  The research center is a continuation of his personal pursuit to develop better technology to feed the world.

“We are going about the commercialization of the Tidal Basin™ technology that started at Texas A&M University in a very methodical way. I want to stress that we are doing this right,” Ziebell said. “We so believe in this technology that our first investment is in a research center in Balaton, MN. The center contains the first scaled-up commercial versions of a Tidal Basin™ and we are taking what was learned at Texas A&M University and we have scaled it up in both size and length to confirm everything that he has learned. We have no reservations that this can be done but we are going to test it and we are going to conduct research so that when we provide this to the world as a trū Shrimp System it will be backed up by extensive research.”

The research center is staffed daily and is also available for contract research. Prebiotics, probiotic, other shrimp nutrition ingredients or new feed manufacturing processes can be tested by the foremost shrimp nutritionist and expert on shrimp production in the world. The research environment is a consistent 86° F (30° C) and 50% humidity. The 144 clear-water research tanks are designed for 11 inches of water depth with variable aeration and salinity. Tanks have individual feeders. The center also has 36 Biofloc tanks with variable aeration, salinity and individual feeders.

All sizes of Litopenaeus vannamei species of Asian White Shrimp from PL 10-12 can undergo research within the facility. Water Quality and Animal Health labs are on site. Research design services and analysis services are also available.

trū Shrimp General Manager Michael Ziebell said the research center is a reflection of the expert care and consideration the company is taking to successfully scale up Tidal Basin™ technology for commercial production.

For more information about trū Shrimp contact:
Ryan Wendland
330 3rd Street
Balaton, MN 56115
(507) 337-6819

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  1. Mark Epp

    It’s a great day for omnivores. I suggest wine pairing trials. Regional competition benefits the wine industry as well as highlight your system. Get more people to visit SW Minnesota, you know?

  2. Jeri Pieper

    We are in the early stages of planning a shrimp farm in Iowa using a biofloc system. We are will visit an operation in Iowa next week, and later, one in Indiana. Is it possible to visit your facility sometime next summer. I am interested in the Tidal Basin technology. Thank you Jeri Pieper

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