Discover Better Answers

Ralco is a science and technology company that finds the answers to tomorrow’s challenges through extensive research. Our investments in research facilities and the technical teams that oversee them keep us and our customers at the forefront of the agriculture and aquaculture industries.

Research Foundation

We have a process that leverages our research and development lab, in vitro studies, state-of-the-art research centers, on farm research and university trials. Our research centers include a farrowing and nursery barn, grow finish barn, greenhouse, shrimp research center and poultry barn. Our products are proven across millions of animals and acres on multiple continents. A broad team of more than 20 Ph.D. advanced degreed scientists with expertise in nutrition, veterinary science, chemical engineering, microbiology, agronomy and food safety lead the research at each facility.

Swine Research Centers

The 2,400-head finishing barn and the 1,200-head nursery barn provide the Ralco swine technical team with the ability to conduct in-depth research on alternative feed ingredients and feed formulations, and new technologies. The facilities are furnished with fully automated feed systems, individual water lines and advanced monitoring capabilities.

Poultry Research Center

The poultry research center promotes advances in poultry health that are carried forward to commercial facilities.

Aquaculture Research Center

This state-of-the-art shrimp research center includes clear-water research tanks, Biofloc research tanks, nursery tanks, finishing tanks as well as animal health, water quality and shrimp feed laboratories.

Soil & Plant Health Research Center

The greenhouse research center plays a vital role in the development of products to benefit soil and plant health. The 30’ x 60’ facility consists of two 30’ x 30’ climate controlled rooms. Each room is capable of being set up as its own environment and can also regulate temperature, humidity and sunlight.

University Research

Ralco has worked with many of the most prominent research universities in the U.S. Research conducted by a third-party is the ultimate test of any product or technology. Ralco believes it is important to work with these institutions to verify our research and increase the confidence level of our customers. Ralco also works with universities in other countries to ensure that our products perform across the globe.