Ralco Launches New Strong Animals™ Brand

Ralco announced today that it has launched its Strong Animals™ brand of animal health products for the dairy industry. Strong Animals™ provides a highly innovative yet simple approach to the market with products that ease modern production stress during all phases of production for greater herd health. The brand provides innovative products through its Start Strong™, Fight Strong™ and Stay Strong™ product lines.

“Strong Animals™ is a bold brand that provides livestock producers with quality products based on industry-leading technologies and research. Also, through the new brand we offer clear product choices that are easy to implement into any operation,” said Strong Animals™ General Manager Diane Wagner. “Whether producers need their livestock to Start Strong™, Fight Strong™ or Stay Strong™, we have natural solutions to meet their needs.”

Each of the three Strong Animals™ product lines provide livestock producers with the tools they require during every phase of production. Start Strong™ products deliver foundational immune support during key stages of life. Fight Strong™ products provide critical support to help overcome specific challenges. Stay Strong™ products defend animals against modern production stress through everyday-use to promote and protect optimum health.

The Strong Animals™ product lines are also color coded, green for Start Strong™, red for Fight Strong™ and yellow for Stay Strong™, for easy identification which ensures the proper products are administered when needed. Intuitive naming combined with the color coding system enhances communication with farm workers and promotes greater success on any operation.

“Producers have told us time and time again that when their animals are healthy their work is fun. We have heard them loud and clear, and that’s why each of our products focuses on maintaining strong and healthy livestock by reducing production stress.  When producers see the Strong Animals™ brand they can rest assured that we are true to our name. Strong livestock are what the farmer wants to see every day in the barn or in the field, and we help them achieve that goal,” Wagner said.

Strong Animals™ products are currently available for dairy and beef cows and calves. During the coming months the brand will include animal health products for multiple species. For more information visit http://www.stronganimals.com/.

Strong Animals™ is a brand of Ralco, a third-generation family owned multinational company with distribution in more than 30 countries. A leading global provider of livestock nutrition, animal health products and crop enhancement products; Ralco supports large segments of the livestock, poultry, aquaculture and crop industries.

For more information about Strong Animals™ contact:
Ryan Wendland
330 3rd Street
Balaton, MN 56115
(507) 337-6819



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