Ralco Animal Health Lands in Retail Stores

Each day we’re exposed to thousands of advertisements touting the next best product. With so much information spewed at us, what will finally make us stop and take notice? That’s the challenge the Ralco Animal Health team faced when creating point of sale materials for retail stores.

So how was this going to be accomplished? Looking at the current packaging from the producer standpoint we asked, “What does this do for me?” The messaging didn’t necessarily speak to how it affected the producer’s life. Instead, it focused too much on technology and not enough on how it would better the animal.

Ralco Animal Health strives to deliver “Products for a Better Life” which promote health, performance and stewardship for producers and animals. This vision brings to light for producers our mission and values and why Ralco’s products are so different. 

As the retail display vision was developed, product presentation on the shelf was also a matter that needed to be addressed. Shelf presentation was never consistent and some examples included dosers lying beside the bottle, products and pouches not standing on their own and hang tags blocking the product name. The goal was to bring a professional appearance in the store and for the products to stand out and be more user friendly.

The sales team was an integral piece of the puzzle to determine the vision for the point of sale materials. They consistently submitted pictures of what they liked and didn’t like in stores from other companies. The team also organized visits to animal health stores which generated more discussion. What ways do other companies advertise? All the displays blended together. How can we make our products stand out? What will catch the customer’s eye?

Now that the concept was agreed upon, it was time to bring in the design and packaging experts to make the retail materials come to life. Pricing Manager Mike Galbraith and Senior Graphic Designer Jamie Struck played a key role in researching and testing display and packaging solutions.

A significant amount of time was just simply learning about the options available. Galbraith and Struck toured other retail stores and worked with vendors to get ideas.

“Finding a vendor who could tailor a product to meet our needs but also be cost effective was crucial,” explained Galbraith. “The options are endless but by using the same box for different products we were able to save thousands of dollars.”

Struck brought to life all of the retail display elements.

“When we toured other retail stores, I noticed everything was white,” said Struck. “In a retail setting there’s so much opportunity to make your products pop and that’s what I wanted to accomplish with the Ralco display.”

The point of sale retail project started a year ago and took nearly nine months to execute. But once the concept was approved it was so well received.

“Once everyone learned about the project, they really caught the vision,” said Galbraith. “As the employees realized how it would improve the customer experience and create a better image for Ralco, they were all about it.”

The point of sale materials has been a tremendous success for District Sales Manager Gerrit Bakker.

“I shared the materials with the purchasing agent at a vet clinic and they immediately cleared an aisle end cap to set up our display,” recalls Bakker. “It really brings awareness to the products and customers stop and look. I watched one customer look at a 10-count pack of Power Pak™ Capsules and they ended up buying a bucket!”

While Bakker was reluctant to accept the “Products for a Better Life” tagline, he’s 100% on board now.

“I wasn’t sure what reaction people would have but I realize the message just works. People truly do resonate with this idea of Products for a Better Life,” said Bakker. “I had a dairy calf customer say to me these products really are better for her and her calves. She wasn’t treating as many calves. And, it was more fun for her to feed calves who want to drink instead of being forced to drink.”

Every day Ralco works to deliver products for a better life that contribute to safe and abundant food around the world.

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