Our People

A Partnership
of Trust

We do things differently. Our unique approach is engrained in who we are and it provides our customers with profitable, safe products and services. From customer service, operations and quality assurance to our superior technical teams, we make decisions that are right for producers and consumers.


Brian Knochenmus


Jon Knochenmus

President Emeritus

Glenn Bader

VP Marketing & Information Technology

Dennis Conlon

VP Operations

John DeVos

VP Global Sales

Tony Goebel

VP Sales Staff Development

Blaine Hansen, Ph.D.

VP Technical Services

Chad Jensen

VP Finance & Administration

Diane Wagner

VP Corporate Technology

Michael Ziebell

VP & Managing Director trū Shrimp Company

International Management

Keith Yancey

General Manager, Ralco Latin America

Luke Groeneweg

General Manager, Ralco Ecuador

Martin Sanchez

General Manager, Ralco Uruguay

Edwin Grimm

General Manager, Ralco Europe

Rod Huisman

General Manager, Ralco Asia Pacific

Swine Technical Team

Jim Hedges, Ph.D.

VP Swine Technical Group

Russell Fent, Ph.D.

Senior Swine Nutritionist

Dennis Liptrap, Ph.D.

Senior Swine Nutritionist

Shelly Tiede, M.S.

Swine Nutritionist

Kelly Peper, Ph.D.

Associate Swine Nutritionist

Tim Olson

Swine Formulation Specialist

Carlos Jimenez, M.S.

Swine Technical Services

Ruminant Technical Team

Denny Dietrich, M.S.

Beef Technical Manager

Heb T. Purvis, Ph.D.

Senior Beef Nutritionist

Del Davis, Ph.D.

Beef Nutritionist

Bill Holloway, Ph.D.

Beef Nutritionist

Poultry Technical Team

Pongsawat Suttiluck, DVM

Poultry Technical Manager

Agronomy Technical Team

Evan Johnson

Agronomy Research Manager

Rachel Raths


Emma Christensen

Greenhouse Manager

Aquaculture Technical Team

Angie Landsman

Director of Habitat & Microbiology

Misael Rosales, Ph.D.

Assistant Technical Director

Lisa Broderius, M.S.

Water Chemistry Manager

Technology Development

Richard Lamb

Senior Technology Director

Jessica Fox, DVM

Director of Veterinary Services & Biosecurity

Mike Johnson