Frequently Asked Questions Concerning PEDv

What has Ralco done to limit the spread of PEDv?
The spread of the PED virus conflicts with Ralco’s mission for a safe and abundant food supply. As a result Ralco is proactively working to prevent the spread of PEDv. The company has adopted new bio-security protocols for manufacturing facilities, truck drivers and its sales team including:

  • Designated clean areas in production areas and distribution centers which are off limits to designated employee and visitors
  • Footwear disinfection stations at key entry points to clean areas
  • Continuous auditing and monitoring of incoming ingredients and ingredient suppliers which helps provide quality products.
  • Ralco truck drivers follow rolling stock and driver protocols
  • The Ralco sales teams follow protocols during and after any contact with customers

How does Ralco ensure the quality of its products?
Ralco began product testing when the virus was first detected in the U.S. and is still testing today to ensure its products are safe. Ralco is also prudent in knowing its suppliers to minimize risk. Ingredient source verification is essential and Ralco retains samples of every ingredient that is used to make every product it manufactures as well as samples of all finished products.

What options does Ralco provide its customers?
For customers searching for swine nutrition alternatives, Ralco offers several product choices such as porcine by-product free and no animal protein options, which are available for all stages of production. Ralco’s nutritionists are experienced at formulating swine rations that do not  contain animal protein. Ralco Animal Health also offers PacifiED™, PreparED™, DE-Lyte™, First Pulse® D and Regano®, which are products that support gut health. Speak to your account representative today about swine nutrition and animal health options that best achieve your production goals.

How do I learn more?
Ralco has a superior swine sales and technical team that can provide you with the most recent information about PEDv and work with you to implement swine nutrition and animal health products that support your profitability. If you have questions please call 1-800-533-5306 to learn more.

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