Are You Ready for Calving?

Bruce Trautman, M.S.

Have you done last minute planning to prepare for calving? Most importantly, did you know that the good health of newborn calves is critical to their growth and success in the herd?
With the potential market price of around $2 per pound at weaning, there is a great deal at stake when risking even the potential loss of a few pounds of calf weight. It is never too late to implement prevention programs to help overcome these losses and ensure greater profit potential for your cow/calf operation.

  • Body Condition Score (BCS) of the cows.
    • Be aware of the BCS so that you can feed accordingly in order to get the best possible BCS by breeding time.
    • Are energy and protein supplied in the diet adequate for the stage of production the cow is in? CoMax®, a microbial catalyst, will help to get more out of the feed the cows are eating, improving efficiency and cost.
    • Is mineral supplied adequate to support optimum health and immune function during the stressful calving time? Bullseye Breeder provides high levels of vitamins and phosphorus along with a high level of chelated trace minerals that are more available to support the cow.
  • Are calf scours an issue?
    • Adding IntegraMOS® to the cow’s diet will help maintain optimal microbial balance.
    • IntegraMOS® has been shown to improve colostrum quality and calf serum titers. This results in a healthier and stronger calf.
  • Calving supplies and facilities.
    • Do you have everything you need for calving ready and on hand? Are facilities clean and operational?
  • Do you have newborn calf supplies on hand?
    • Keep navel dip, ear tags, First Care and Revitalize in your calving kit.
    • At birth, 10 ml of First Care stimulates feeding behavior and the immune system. Two Revitalize capsules will help maintain gut health and establish good bacteria population.
  • What about cows that require calving assistance?
    • These cows experience a greater deal of stress and have a greater chance of retained placenta and uterine infection, resulting in delayed breeding. Uterine Balance Capsules will help maintain the uterine environment.

Managing some of these small things can go a long way to improving conception rate, calf crop percentage, calf health and weaning weight. These factors all add up to greater profit for your beef cow operation. To learn more, contact your Ralco representative or call 1-800-533-5306.

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